Severn Teens is our 6th-12th grade youth group - We meet Sunday Evenings

What We're About

Severn Teens is our 6th-12th grade youth group here at SCC! We are focused on studying God’s Word, learning to share the gospel with others, defending our faith, and building lifelong friendships with people who share our faith in Christ. As we grow in Christ through study and prayer, we need to encourage each other in our walk with Him, holding each other accountable and standing by one another through life’s challenges. It’s hard to be a teenager and even harder to be a Christian teenager. At Severn Teens, we help our teens develop a deep relationship with God, a support system of Christian friends, and the ability to explain and defend what we believe about Christ and His Word.

Sunday NIGHTS @ 6:30 PM: Sunday night hangouts

Sunday Night Hangouts is a safe place where Jr. High & High school students can belong, be heard, and take their faith to the next level. Join us as we navigate the complexities of being a Christian as a teenager from 6:30-8:00 pm.

What else do we do?


Severn Teens isn't all class, all the time. We do lots of things just for fun and have special events at least once a month. Some of the things we’ve done include bowling, all-night lock-ins, bonfires, outdoor movies, pool parties, trips to amusement parks, etc. We also like to serve others as Christ did, so we find ways to help others during the year.

Here's a calendar of our upcoming events! Below the calendar, you'll find links to sign up for any upcoming events, trips, or ministry opportunities

Dress code for Severn Teens events!

Student Minister

Kyle Baal - Student Minister

Have a question about our Youth Group? Get in touch with Kyle!