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Pastoral Care Ministry

Description of Ministry Positions


  • Details of Position: A card ministry, is to send cards to all members on their birthdays, anniversary, birth, death, and illness. Cards will be also sent for special occasions; graduations, receiving an award and following church related community events. Collecting data for significant birthdays (80+) and anniversaries (50+) funerals, and dedications. Cards are hand written and have a picture of the church and logo along with an insert card with Pastoral Care information.
  • Frequency of Serving: Birthday Cards, four volunteers with two month rotation. Anniversaries cards two volunteers six month rotation.

Meals and Transportation Program

  • Details of Position: This ministry will function as an internal team at times of illness, birth and loss.
  • Frequency of Serving: One week, volunteer for each day. Each volunteer prepares and delivers meals.
  • Details of Position: There are transportation needs at times, such as getting members to church, medical appointments, therapies, and grocery shopping.
  • Frequency of Serving: Volunteers for this ministry are needed between 5-7pm.

Buddy System

  • Details of position: The Buddy System matches up elder members who live alone. Buddies call each other on alternate days to check-in.
  • Frequency of Serving: Three times a week or as agreed upon between parties.

Medical Equipment Loan Program

  • Details of Position: Members and local connections have donated to the church medical equipment such as walkers, canes, bedside commodes, guard rails for bed, shower chairs and crutches.
  • Frequency of Serving: One -two volunteers needed, year round.

Visiting the Ill and hospitalized

  • Follows up with family members who may need support. (Training is needed by all volunteers through PCM)
  • Details of Position: The PCM will visit members in the hospital and follow up with calls and visits when they return home. If needed the Team sets up meals.
  • Frequency of Serving: When needed, teams of two. (four teams)

Respite Care

  • Details of Position: The PCM provides someone to care for ill family members so that the caretaker may be free to attend church, medical appointments, or take care of their own needs.
  • Frequency of Serving: When needed, four volunteers.

Visiting Members in Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes

  • Details of Position: Members of the PCM visit members of our congregation in retirement and nursing homes, calls between visits.
  • Frequency of Serving: Twice a month, teams of two, (two teams)